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*Drunkards Before Sleep - ET Clan

*Our zoo|

Welcome on zoo| main page!


History of zoo|:

~zoo| isnt same players as *DBS. We are only close friends :) (we love them... they hate us...)

~we are couple of crazy et players... who like fuck aminals :* (joke)

~we are multiclan corporation! everyone can join our team!
~we are fucking angrykidz and we like make an others angry too hehehehe

~we dont have something like leader! we have only male alfa!
~we play on all mods of ET!
~we are rasist for geese! if u re fucking goose u cant join our team and u will get abuse!

~we are really idiots... and we have fun when someones are insulting us... :O

~our members have permission to cheat... we dont care about it :P


Our players:

-zoo|fatdonkey (WS-n(o.O)b)

-zoo|funkymonkey (male alfa)


-zoo|dirtycat (team idiot)


-zoo|angryduck (aka moron chicken)


-zoo|madcow (team grasseater)

-zoo|rabidbee (banned, but he is still fucking here)

-zoo|sickrat (geeses hunter=main rasist!)
-zoo|crazydog<3 (pro*angrykid)
-zoo|LazyBeatle (f4ck!n' sCrap)
-zoo|darkSnake (blow-job master ;) )