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if u wanna join us write it here
Forum moderator: dbs, zima_dbs, zjarany
23 367 Sunday, 31.07.11, 1:23 PM
Thread: lemme join :D
Posted by: skilllessnub
wanna fight against us wirte it here :) we'll take every one challange :)
Forum moderator: dbs, zjarany, eXstasy
6 60 Sunday, 08.08.10, 10:01 PM
Thread: Sparing DBS vs WSC
Posted by: zima
if u had some questions to us write it here we will answer as soon as it possible :)
Forum moderator: dbs
2 16 Sunday, 07.03.10, 2:50 PM
Thread: Members
Posted by: Tequila
Our High Score! :)
or record :D
14 261 Saturday, 14.11.15, 7:44 PM
Thread: Damn, I'm good!
Posted by: zjarany

only about bugs! :)
bugs :)
bugs from ET!!
Forum moderator: dbs, zima_dbs, zjarany, angryduck
4 8 Saturday, 13.06.09, 1:50 PM
Thread: Braundorf_b4 gate_bug - Manual
Posted by: zima

Forum moderator: zima_dbs, zjarany
2 0 Monday, 15.09.08, 4:50 AM
Thread: Your opinion and propositions
Posted by: zjarany
Sing up
Forum moderator: zima_dbs, zjarany
2 2 Monday, 23.11.09, 9:47 PM
Thread: new team!!!
Posted by: zjarany

about everything ;)
Probs with site
if you find some probs/bug or you have some new cool ideas for site post it here :) we will make your idea alive :)
Forum moderator: dbs, angryduck
1 1 Saturday, 02.05.09, 10:26 AM
Thread: Solution
Posted by: dbs
whatever :P
about everything from inteligent topics to very idiots idea :P hehe in 2 words: "HAVE FUN!!!"
Forum moderator: dbs, zima_dbs
19 720 Friday, 03.06.11, 9:58 PM
Thread: Try this shIt
Posted by: noJbau
about.... sports/teams/etc you like :)
Forum moderator: zima_dbs
5 51 Wednesday, 17.11.10, 11:52 PM
Thread: Lech Poznań
Posted by: zima
favorite serwers :)
Forum moderator: zjarany, zima_dbs
2 12 Thursday, 17.06.10, 7:06 PM
Thread: zoo|FunSerwer
Posted by: zjarany

zoo|pets zone
zoo|recruting zone
if u wanna join crazyteam :0
Forum moderator: angryduck, dirtycat
1 10 Friday, 15.01.10, 3:39 PM
Thread: Recruting
Posted by: dbs
zoo|insulting zone
if u wanna insult us... make it here!
Forum moderator: angryduck, dirtycat
1 6 Sunday, 10.01.10, 9:39 PM
Thread: fuck, fuck u all!!!
Posted by: dbs
zoo|crazy zone
if u wanna speak bullshits like we... do it here 8-)
Forum moderator: angryduck, dirtycat
2 122 Sunday, 11.07.10, 6:40 PM
Thread: forum game!!
Posted by: dbs
new branch of zoo idiots! NOW they terrorise RTCWDemo servers at evenings YOU NOOB MAY TOO! just 67mb + config from et usable
Forum moderator: angryduck, zima
1 5 Thursday, 24.11.11, 0:28 AM
Thread: zoo|clan REINCARNATION
Posted by: angryduck

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