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DBS (DaBeSt) clan was created in 2006 year by 3 players: ZIMA DBS, LIPA DBS and ETPlay0r DBS (at start we didnt use star in tag) on spanish pub server ET MAIN mod, but story from that period is realy short... in that time DBS had about 7-8 players... but we werent realy friends therefor DBS had to crash :-(. Btw we played as old DBS only one war... and we lost 0:4... it was real end of DBS... my 2 friends (Lipa and ETP) got offline... I changed nick to pwn0r and started playing alone...

*DBS (*DrunkardsBeforSleep) team back really lucky :P... i met ETP on some server and got contact with him back smile (it meaned back to ZIMA*DBS nick) that time i was playing realy often with zjarany (JAY*DBS) and i said to him "join my team man we will fuck some clan *** (name of that clan is our secret :P) but they were really afraid chickens and didnt take a challange sad so we started playing a lot on -=GER Rumpelbude=- server. We met there eXstasY*DBS (really cool guy nowaday offline)... ahhh i forgot about Hellboy*DBS... He was our old friend so could join us without problems (greetings man :*) Our next player was CheateR*DBS i dont remember were exacly we found him but he was fucking bastard hehehe (msn to u noob cleanup ur ass!!) ofcourse it's joke have fun man (na zdrowie suko) Short period with our team had too n(o.O)pz*DBS and Wildboy*DBS (greetings for them, we are still firends). We had in team also realy skilled players 7sh0we*DBS and HeLL*DBS. They were really pwnatorz!!

We had by hole history of our team only one alliance with Super Retard Crew (greetings mates)

By short period we were SL rating sluts... and we were on 4th position in global top list (personality i was on 24 position with rating about 22)

Nowaday we are only 2 online players me=ZIMA*DBS and Jay*DBS and we wanna reactivate our team!! If someone wanna join us wirte it in msn box i'm reading it everyday.

Have fun and dring over laud! :P


*DBS (DBS GANG-BANG) After long summer to team back eXstasY*DBS (yuhuho), and he was still fucking alkoholic (yeah!) it was really very good information for our team cuz it was really near to break. In short time period to our team joined .noJbau*DBS (next drunkard - keep tha level of team) but in october he  had to do break from ET for couple of weeks... so we were still 3 in clan... but with success... we got 3rd position on SL and won scrim against >dp< (DBS pwns :P) Start of november was terrible... Jay*DBS aka zjarany lost internet connection ;(... but to team back after break .noJbau*DBS (yeah!) and in short time to team joined LexUs*DBS (next real pwn0r in team after HeLL*DBS and sh0we*DBS... i've hope :-p) and it's all to this day smile


4th - 22.06.2011y.

It's allready 4th part of DBS ET clan history. To be honest i dont remember nowadays the day i wrote the last one, it was so long time ago. And nearly all have changed from that time. We have a lot of new players like TeQuilla*DBS, Lorenzo*DBS or n0ne*DBS (sry that i dont type all of them here but really i dont reamember just episode players). Even the tracking system have been changed from SL to TrackBase, so i can say it's completly new time. For me too, i'm not more active DBS player and i play et seldom, even i dont know who is member of DaBeSt ET clan and who is not. Leadership of clan (present) belongs to the noJbau*DBS. I'm really happy that he take care of the team and i wanna say "thanks noJ. for all". What i can say more... maybe we will meet ourselves on some server in the future. hf n gl!

Sry for mistakes in text i'm not pro english speaker