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Date 10.10.2008r

opponent        : De$tRuCT!On POwEr
tag : >dp<
game type : stop watch (et pro 2.60b)
XvX : 3v3
score : we won 4:0
our team : eXstasY*DBS; Jay*DBS; ZIMA*DBS                                 

Category: *Our wars | Added by: zjarany (10.10.08)
Views: 571 | Comments: 10 | Rating: 5.0/5 |
Total comments: 6
03.11.08 Spam
6. zima (zima)
tej typie z nie umyta glowa nie komentuj to jest zmylka :P hehe

01.11.08 Spam
5. Lucas (eXstasy)
a pierdolisz, że głowa mała biggrin

12.10.08 Spam
4. zima (zima)
no... it wasn't good game cuz we played it like noobs! we must learn more aobut team playing and obj defence!!! not only rambo show! and we need tactic...

11.10.08 Spam
3. Lucas (eXstasy)
That was quite good game, thx DBS wink

10.10.08 Spam
2. zjarany (zjarany)
many lags and ping over 100 even that we win biggrin

10.10.08 Spam
1. zima (zima)
smile hmmm we won? smile ahhh yeah :P even that we are noobs :*

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