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Main » 2008 » December » 24 » Merry christmas
Merry christmas
4:43 PM
I wanna wish u all merry christams with familie and lots of giftsa and happy new year :)
this year was really long for me with a lots of good and bad things but i wasnt alone so
special greetings to:
- ETPlay0r*DBS for being good firend, helping me in creating this team and for server support :)
- Jay*DBS for being good friend and helping me in creating team
- eXstasY*DBS for being good friend who know what studing means and have more problems there then me :P
- noJbau*DBS for being good freind and big support when i'm drunk ^^ crazy talking in night about rap :P
- [FAG]kobajagi for being good friend with big hope in DBS even we are still nabs :P hehe and support when team was nearly crashed :)
- oOpz u re my good friend and always nice to say u in team on page and on server
- DBS all mambers for making great team full of friendship
- #GoD# clan (they are friends)
- [AB] clan (they are friends too)
- #NK clan for nice wishes :) i got realy suprised of it cuz i thought no one likes us so thx u very much guys maybe in future we will make some scrims :)
- zoo|fun team all knows that our official hate is fake and we are good firends :)
 greetings for all :)
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